Soldotna Fishing Lodges

Soldotna is a city that stretches 7 miles across the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and home to over 4,000 humble, happy residents. Selected as one of CNN’s “World’s 15 Best Rivers for Travellers,” this city is nestled up against the famous Kenai River, which ends up at the Cook Inlet and flows down an 82-mile stretch from the Kenai Lake, located amongst the Kenai Mountains. Why, you ask, was this river noted by CNN as one of the “world’s best”?

Well, there is definitely no shortage of beautiful scenery and wildlife to be found along the twists and turns of the flowing river. However, one of the key elements to making this river such a great destination for tourists is its wide resources for some amazing fishing. King, Red, and Silver Salmon; Rainbow trout and Dolly Vardens; and Ling Cod are some of the fish species sport fishers will encounter along the Kenai River. To complement these amazing fishing opportunities are the Soldotna fishing lodges that help make tourists’ trips so great.

The Gone Fishin’ Lodge, located in Soldotna, is a premier fishing lodge for tourists who want to hit all of the key fishing spots in the state. Located 150 miles southwest of Anchorage, the Gone Fishin’ Lodge offers convenient “all-included” fishing packages that will whisk travelers away to various parts of the Kenai River so that they can have some unforgettable fishing experiences.

For a fishing trip marked by scenic views and friendly, comfortable amenities, make your journey to Soldotna fishing lodges one that involves the Gone Fishin’ Lodge on the Kenai River.