Fishing in The Last Frontier

If you’re a fishing enthusiast and have never been to Alaska, you are missing out.  Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come to Alaska to catch and feast on salmon, crab, trout, and halibut.  Whether you hire a guide or go it alone, there are endless possibilities for adventure and fun when you cast your line into the wild waters of Alaska.

Planning your Alaskan fishing trip can be half the fun.  First, you need to decide where to go.  Alaska is a huge state with lots of options.  The Kenai River is the most popular place to fish because it has an abundance of salmon.  The Kasilof River is also very popular and located near the Kenai River. These rivers are also easily accessible from Anchorage.

Once you choose a fishing destination, you’ll need to decide where to stay.  While rental cabins and campgrounds are abundant, many people want to stay in the comfort of a lodge so they can kick back and relax after a long day of fishing.  Lodges are a great option because many of them offer fishing guides, as well as all the gear that you’ll need for your trip.

Once you decide on a spot to fish and a place to stay, make sure you have all the proper gear and fishing licenses needed for your big trip.  This can be a lot of work and requires a great amount of planning, so if you want to make your fishing trip as simple as possible, check out the Gone Fishin’ Lodge on the Kenai River.  They have experienced guides, plus special packages that include incredible fishing trips and all the fishing gear for the trip.  And once you’ve reeled in all your fish, the lodge has everything you need to clean and store your catches.

If you’re considering a fishing trip to Alaska, check out the Gone Fishin’ Lodge to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.