Seeking an Affordable Salmon Fishing Trip on an Alaskan River?

If you’re a passionate about salmon fishing, then you owe it to yourself to spend time fishing for great Alaskan Salmon on the Alaska rivers, with the Gone Fishin’ Lodge.  We love to fish and look to host your next salmon fishing excursion!  From sight-seeing tours to hikes upon the Alaskan mountains, the Gone Fishin’ Lodge looks to make your salmon fishing experience one that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Your Salmon Fishing Destination Upon Alaska Rivers

Alaska remains one of the greatest natural frontiers for abundant wildlife, unblemished beauty, and of course salmon fishing!  “There are five species of wild salmon found in Alaska”. They include:  1. King (Chinook) Salmon, 2. Red (Sockeye) Salmon, 3. Silver (Coho) Salmon, 4. Pink Salmon and 5. Chum (Keta) Salmon.

Each year, millions of salmon move up the Kenai River to spawn. With that migration comes some of the finest natural habitat to catch salmon in the world.

Because of a rigorous fishery management system, fishing for salmon in Alaska is quite balanced. “The value of Alaskan commercial salmon catches peaked in 2014 at $900 million.” Alaskan Salmon are known for their high nutritional content. As a result, recreational salmon fishers come from all over the country for some of the most profitable and abundant salmon fishing.

With spring being the most opportune time for Alaskan Salmon fishing, we know how to create an Alaskan Salmon fishing excursion for you and your crew upon the Alaska rivers that will result in you catching a high number of salmon. Later in the summer, you can enjoy fishing trips for Silver Salmon as well as other breeds.

The Gone Fishin’ Lodge is in the heart of great salmon runs. In fact, many of our patrons find ample salmon fishing in our own dock, where anglers routinely drop lines for red salmon, thus producing great catches of up to 12 pounds!

Heading a bit further, are valued guests can enjoy salmon fishing charters that garner large quantities of King Salmon ranging close to 100 pounds!

Don’t think that we’ve left Sockeye Salmon out, known for its taste! You can catch a plethora of them with us for delicious eating!

For those coho salmon trips you long for, you’ll spin and turn, much like they do!  Many of our younger guests enjoy the thrill of catching pink salmon, which are available in even years only.

At the Gone Fishin’ Lodge, our multi-species salmon fishing trips create lasting memories! Whether you’re looking for a long range trip or something shorter, we can accommodate whatever your salmon fishing desires are!

Contact Your Premiere Salmon Fishing Destination Today

At the Gone’ Fishin Lodge, we love creating one-of-a-kind packages for large or small groups. From you and your brothers taking a week for some Alaskan fishing, or for a week of fishing with the girls, we love helping our patrons successfully fish for salmon as well as take in all that Alaska has to offer.

So, for the good numbers you want to see in sockeye or pink salmon fishing, and for the tours you want in between your salmon fishin upon the Alaskan rivers, contact the Gone Fishin’ Lodge today. Sure we’ve “gone fishin”, but we’re hoping you’ll join us soon! Your customized salmon fishing package awaits! Call today!