The Best Rainbow Trout Fishing in Alaska

In the Kenai River area, catching trout is popular and a destination for anglers around the globe. Visitors to the area and those looking to enjoy the best rainbow trout fishing in Alaska look to Gone Fishin’ Lodge to help them fulfil their dreams. They provide some of the best trophy trout fishing experience in the word. It’s not uncommon for anglers on their trips to get 30” trout from the river’s waters alone. These fish feed off the countless salmon that can be found in the Kenai River. The trout will feast and grow, reaching sizes that are unheard of in other places in the world, and they are ready for the taking, you just have to be there in person to experience it.

Choosing a Trout Fishing Trip

When it comes to choosing a rainbow trout fishing trip, find a fishing company that will offer you the type of soul mending experience that you’re looking for in a planned trout fishing trip. This can be an easygoing drift trip or a more speed related powerboat experience. Gone Fishin’ Lodge offers superior customer service to all of their guests. Their years of experience fishing the area makes them knowledgeable on knowing where and when to bring their guests to get the ultimate experience they’re looking for in terms of rainbow trout fishing.

While rainbow trout fishing can be exciting, some guests like to catch lake trout, steelhead or other species too. Their staff offer a variety of fishing experiences that will fulfill the wishes of any guests with any type of fishing trip.

Schedule an Alaskan Fishing Trip Today

If you’re interested in learning more about the different fishing trips and packages that Gone Fishin’ Lodge offers in Soldotna, Alaska, contact us by calling 877-462-5752 or by using our online form to receive a free DVD and brochures to learn more about our excursions. We can’t wait to see you on one of our Kenai River Alaska fishing trips soon. The Rainbow trout are calling your name and are ready to be caught. What are you waiting for?