Fishing Trips to Alaska

Fishing in Alaska. You’ve been thinking and talking about it for years—don’t you think it’s time to plan that ultimate fishing trip experience? Whether alone or with fishing buddies, Alaska, renowned for catches beyond anything you’ve ever experienced, can be yours.

Dreaming about a fishing trip and planning one, however, are two different things. This is especially true in Alaska, where proper research and planning makes the difference between a mediocre tourist activity and an experience you and your friends will brag about for years to come.

Finding a Guide

If you’re booked into one of the many lodges, most provide a list of guides they work with depending upon the type of fishing you’re looking for. It’s helpful to decide what kind of experience you’re considering: day trips, trips to different sites, longer trips that can last up to several weeks. Just know that guides (and boats for offshore fishing) should be U.S. Coast Guard licensed and insured.  Local guides are preferred, as they know well the various fishing grounds and generally produce better results. Ask for references. If you’re booking a charter tour, companies generally provide guides competent and knowledgeable. Their reputation and business depend on it. No lodge or charter company wants to get bad-mouthed on social media by dissatisfied fishermen.

Planning the Trip

Get a Fishing License. Whether you’re going it alone or on a group charter, you need a fishing license. Some companies and guides will take care of the license for you; others may require you to apply for and obtain a license on your own. If your trip starts in Anchorage, you can get a license at Walmart or a local fish and tackle shop. You can also buy your license online, but give yourself a two-month lead time. Always check with local guides or lodges to see if pre-trip stamps or additional special permits are required.

Where to Go and What to Catch. Alaska has a mind-blowing variety of fish species. Before planning a trip, you’ll have to research the trip possibilities and decide which one is right for you or your group. The possibilities are endless, from a day of local angling to 3-4 days trips, to a week.  Charter companies offer a variety of fly, spin, and ocean fishing experiences.

What to Catch?

Each species unique to Alaska is seasonal and has its fishing grounds. Choose a package that specializes in one or all the species for a short- or longer-term outing.

  • King, Silver and Pink Salmon
  • Pacific Halibut
  • Ling Cod
  • Yelloweye Rockfish

The Lodge Experience

Research the many outstanding lodges that specialize in the wild Alaskan experience. Most if not all lodges are connected with experienced guides and various charter fishing companies. The list of equipment needed will vary depending on location and guide. Lodges all offer something different in terms of what they do or do not provide. Most offer fishing equipment rental on a daily or weekly basis. Do yourself a favor and ask before you go. Don’t get stuck lugging along a lot of stuff only to find out that all you needed was a license and the drive to participate in the extraordinary fishing experiences of a lifetime.

What Does It Cost?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Fishing trips to Alaska are not cheap. But anyone who has ever experienced it will undoubtedly say it was worth every penny!

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