Kenai River Sport Fishing – Gear List

Checklist of things you need to bring:

Your camera is a must on any trip to Alaska. If you own a video cam, all the better. Unique photographic opportunities are a regular occurrence. In addition, you should bring the following items to ensure your comfort. Wear layered clothing.

  • Two-piece rain gear
  • Thermal or Insulated underwear
  • Wool socks and shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Bug repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm hat
  • Insulated or heavy jacket
  • Good gloves
  • Personal light tackle for after hours bank fishing
  • Lucky hat
  • Rubber or waterproof boots
  • Casual wear (levis, sweatshirts, tennis shoes, baseball hat, t-shirts)
  • Digital camera and/or video camera
  • Day pack for all of your personal items each day

*Be prepared for cool, crisp mornings and evenings. You will want to bring warm clothing as it can be chilly and the weather can be unpredictable! Daytime temps range from the low to mid 40s to mid to upper 60s, possibly low 70s. Most days are bright and sunny, but it does rain!

From Anchorage, our lodge can be reached by a fun 30-minute commuter flight to Kenai and a short 20-minute drive. Or you may rent a car in Anchorage and enjoy a leisurely 3-hour drive through the breathtakingly beautiful Chugach Mountains. Soldotna is in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula with the magnificent Kenai River running right through town. It is the perfect location for our lodge and your vacation.