Why Experience Salmon Fishing in Alaska?

You’re probably picturing a scene that looks something like this: you’re on the river, with your line cast out into the water, and you’re just waiting for one of those delicious salmon to swim by. Then suddenly—BAM—the fish is on the hook! It’s a struggle to reel it in, but you do it. You land your catch and let everyone else on board admire it for a minute before you start the process over.

This sounds like a salmon fishing dream, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re fishing for salmon in Alaska, this dream can certainly become a reality—many times over. Alaska is a state that’s known for its fishing. It has some of the most premium salmon fishing in the world, with rivers and lakes full of fish ready to be caught by anyone who wants them. The salmon that inhabit these waters are large and tasty, and there’s no shortage.

When Should You Go Salmon Fishing in Alaska?

The season runs from about May to September. That’s when the salmon runs are at their peak, and you’ll have the best chance of catching one of these tasty fish. You can catch your share of Alaska’s many salmon varieties: king, silver, sockeye, pink, and chum. Each has its flavor and texture that makes it different from other kinds of fish around the world. You might even find yourself adopting a new favorite.

The Alaska Salmon Fishing Experience at Gone Fishin’ Lodge

At Gone Fishin’ Lodge in Soldotna, Alaska, we have several different packages during the salmon run season that will help you have a productive and enjoyable trip. If you need help deciding whether you want to do it yourself or let us help you with the details, we offer guided trips.

We’ve got everything you need under one roof:

  • Experienced guides who know where to find the ideal fishing spots and how to reach them safely
  • All the equipment you want for successful salmon fishing
  • Comfortable bedrooms with kitchenettes
  • A friendly housekeeping staff who will make sure your room is always tidy and ready for your return from a long day on the river
  • A large freezer room for storing your catch
  • A social area with a pool table and a fully equipped kitchen so that you can enjoy your time off between fishing trips

So, what are you waiting for? Make your salmon fishing dreams come true. Contact us by phone at (877) 462-5752, one of our owners’ email addresses below, or on our online contact form to find out more about what we offer to make your fishing trip to the Kenai Peninsula a success.

We can’t wait to help you plan your trip!

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