Kenai Salmon Fishing: Your Biggest Catch?

If you’re looking for your biggest salmon catch, consider planning a trip to the Kenai River in Alaska. Known as one of the best salmon runs in the world, this annual run attracts millions of fish and fishermen alike.

The Kenai River is a tributary of the Cook Inlet, and it flows through the Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai River has an incredible history of salmon fishing and is considered one of the best spots in Alaska. In the summertime, people from all over the world travel to this area for their chance to catch these beautiful fish.

Types of Kenai River Salmon

So, you’re thinking about salmon fishing on the Kenai River, and you may be wondering: what kind of salmon are we talking about here? It’s a good question. The Kenai River is home to king (Chinook) salmon, silver (Coho) salmon, pink salmon, and sockeye salmon. Each one is unique in its own way.

  • King salmon. The largest of the species, even possibly growing over 100 pounds. You can catch them in salt and fresh water, but they’re most commonly found in rivers and streams. The best time to fish the Kenai for king salmon is from late May through late July.
  • Silver salmon. These grow to about 12 pounds and are most commonly found in rivers and streams, but they can also be caught in saltwater. The best time for silver salmon on the Kenai is from early July through September.
  • Pink salmon. Small, averaging 2 to 5 pounds when fully grown. They usually run from late July through September, and pink salmon fishing is extremely abundant in even-numbered years.
  • Sockeye salmon. A bright red and can be found in both saltwater and freshwater, but they’re most commonly found in rivers and streams. The best time to fish for sockeye salmon on the Kenai is from late June through August.

Contact Gone Fishin’ Lodge for a Great Stay on the Kenai River

If you love salmon fishing and want to spend your vacation in a place that’s at the heart of the Kenai River, then Gone Fishin’ Lodge is the place for you. We provide fishing gear and transportation to get you to all of Kenai’s best fishing spots. Our guides know where to find the ideal fishing spots and how to reach them so that you can have an incredible time on your trip.

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