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Salmon Fishing in Alaska

When you think of Salmon fishing you automatically think of the pristine waters of Alaska. Noted for its vast varieties, depending upon where you fish you are likely to catch one you’ll be bragging on for a lifetime. Millions of Salmon run up Alaska’s rivers every summer. Yes millions, and that is no exaggeration. Salmon […]

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Kenai Trip for Red Salmon (Sockeye)

The “red salmon” of the Kenai River are legendary! Red or Sockeye Salmon are noted by the indigenous peoples of Alaska as integral to the river’s ecosystem. By returning each year,  Sockeye helps the native Rainbow Trout population to thrive, along with Bald Eagles, Brown and Black Bear, and of course, humans. Scientific studies show […]

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Kenai River Fishing

As you may or may not know, the Kenai River is one of the most famous fishing sites in the world. If you’re looking to catch a prize-winning Salmon, the Kenai has held the world record catch since 1985. The hardy line of both King Salmon and Sockeye Salmon are abundant, making your chances of […]

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Halibut Fishing in Alaska

Alaska’s Halibut are plentiful and huge. The largest one caught tipped the scales at an astounding 455 pounds! To be honest, a good-sized Halibut, with its sweet, firm meat, runs between 20 and 50 lbs. These tasty ocean dwellers are fun to “jig” for. Even inexperienced anglers are pretty certain to bag their share. Charter […]

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Fishing Trips to Alaska

Fishing in Alaska. You’ve been thinking and talking about it for years—don’t you think it’s time to plan that ultimate fishing trip experience? Whether alone or with fishing buddies, Alaska, renowned for catches beyond anything you’ve ever experienced, can be yours. Dreaming about a fishing trip and planning one, however, are two different things. This […]

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Fishing Lodges in Alaska

You’ve been thinking about taking a fishing trip to the best place on earth to do it: Alaska. If so, you’ll want to select accommodations in a fishing lodge that’s within your budget. You’ll also want the feeling of being immersed in the natural beauty of the 49th state. Just know that fishing lodges come […]

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Reeling in Delicious Salmon in Alaska

Salmon are known to be one of the most delicious fish to eat.  Because of this, salmon are a popular prize amongst fishing enthusiasts.  Alaska is world famous for the millions of salmon swimming in its waters during the Summer months.  Take a trip there, and you’ll literally see them leaping out of the rivers, […]

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Staying in Comfort on the Kenai River

The Kenai River is the most popular place to fish in all of Alaska.  It offers grand views, an abundance of delicious king salmon, and a relaxing getaway for people from around the world.  Just as there is no shortage of fish in the river, there is no shortage of lodging options for tourists. People […]

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Fishing in the Wild and Beautiful Kenai River

Alaska is known for fabulous fishing, but if you want to have the ultimate fishing experience in The Last Frontier, take a trip to the gorgeous Kenai River. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Kenai River is the most heavily fished river in the state, with around 275,000 people casting their […]

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Catching the Massive and Massively Popular Halibut in Alaska

Halibut are large, flat, bottom-feeding fish that are known for their delicious flavor.  These monster fish can grow to weigh over 500 pounds and be as long as 9 feet.  Because of their size, they’re a prized catch, especially in Alaska, where the halibut population flourishes between May and October. Halibut are one of the […]

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