Catching the Massive and Massively Popular Halibut in Alaska

Halibut are large, flat, bottom-feeding fish that are known for their delicious flavor.  These monster fish can grow to weigh over 500 pounds and be as long as 9 feet.  Because of their size, they’re a prized catch, especially in Alaska, where the halibut population flourishes between May and October.

Halibut are one of the ocean’s toughest fish.  They are commonly found in the coastal waters of Alaska, and often stay as low as 1,000 feet.  Because of this, halibut fishers need a reel that holds plenty of line, as well as a strong rod.  Most rods used for halibut fishing are at least 5 feet long.  Your rod needs to be strong and ready for a feisty fish that will certainly put up quite a fight when hooked.  Bait for halibut includes squid, cod, herring, and even whole salmon heads.

When fishing in Alaska, be prepared for sudden changes in weather and other conditions.  Because of this, it’s important to fish for halibut on a strong boat with a reliable motor.  A good boat is just as important as a good guide.  Because fishing for halibut can be tricky, most fishermen visiting Alaska choose to hire a guide to help them.  Make sure your guide is licensed, has plenty of experience, and knows where to find the fish.

If you think fishing for halibut in Alaska sounds like a challenge you’re up for, check out the Gone Fishin’ Lodge on the Kenai River.  Whether it’s your first time fishing for halibut of your hundredth, they make the experience simple and enjoyable.  They have all the gear, boats, and equipment you need to reel in your catch of the day.  Try sea halibut fishing, and fish for halibut at the Cook Inlet, all with experienced guides and fellow fishing enthusiasts.  Fishing for halibut can be a challenge, but if you have the right people guiding you and the right knowledge, it can become one of your greatest memories and a cherished experience.