Fishing in the Wild and Beautiful Kenai River

Alaska is known for fabulous fishing, but if you want to have the ultimate fishing experience in The Last Frontier, take a trip to the gorgeous Kenai River.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Kenai River is the most heavily fished river in the state, with around 275,000 people casting their lines there in just one year.  The 82-mile glacial stream is well-known for panoramic views, but even more for at least 40 different species of fish in the river, and because of this, fishing enthusiasts from around the world make the trip to visit the Kenai. The river has an abundance of trout, crab, halibut, and most importantly: salmon.  Tens of thousands of the famous king salmon, often weighing close to 90 pounds, call the Kenai River home.  The world record king salmon came from the Kenai, weighing in at 97 pounds!  King salmon are the trickiest of the salmon species to catch, but that makes them even more desirable.  There are two king salmon runs each year, one in May and one in early July, when the total population averages 56,000.  Although you’ll find salmon all across Alaska, many people prefer fishing in the stunning waters of the Kenai, which is also home to silver salmon, red salmon, and pink salmon.

The Kenai River is a popular tourist destination because it’s just a few hours from Anchorage, the main travel hub of Alaska.  Although you can fish the river alone, the best way to experience the Kenai is to hire a guide or stay at a lodge along the river that has all the fishing equipment needed for the trip.  The Gone Fishin’ Lodge on the Kenai River offers all that and more and is the perfect option for fisherman ready to take on the beautiful Kenai River.