Reeling in Delicious Salmon in Alaska

Salmon are known to be one of the most delicious fish to eat.  Because of this, salmon are a popular prize amongst fishing enthusiasts.  Alaska is world famous for the millions of salmon swimming in its waters during the Summer months.  Take a trip there, and you’ll literally see them leaping out of the rivers, almost begging to be caught.

There are a few tips people ready to try their hand at salmon fishing should know.  First, make sure you have the best bait.  Salmon prefer live bait, especially fish roe, or eggs.  Many fishermen also use cut bait or a strip of fish like a herring.  In order to catch salmon, you’ll also need a sharp hook.  Salmon are known for having thick jaws, so a strong, sharp hook is a necessity. If you’re river fishing, try the drift technique, where you cast upstream and then let your bait drift down.  And if you want to increase your chances of catching a fish, try going on an overcast day.  Salmon like low lighting conditions.  The most important tip for any fisher, and especially a new fisher, is to hire a guide to help you find the best spots for salmon.

Although there are salmon all over Alaska, the most famous fishing spot is the Kenai River.  There you’ll find the largest and most famous salmon: the king salmon.  King salmon can grow to be 90 pounds and have drawn fishermen from around the world for decades.  If you want to experience the best salmon fishing in Alaska, then you’ll want to visit the Gone Fishin’ Lodge on the Kenai River.  They offer comfortable lodging and affordable fishing trips with licensed pros.  They’ll help you catch plenty of salmon, so you can bring your catch home and wow your friends and family.  If you want to experience true salmon fishing, Alaska is the place to do it, and the place to stay is the Gone Fishin’ Lodge!