Alaska: A Fisherman’s Paradise

Alaska has everything an adventurous vacationer can imagine. There are mountains to climb, lakes to camp out by, and rivers to cross. Black and brown bears along with caribou, moose, and wolves make it a nature lover’s paradise.

Many people have seen these sights on television but experiencing these for the first time can truly take your breath away. Another sight that many have taken – a true Alaskan staple – is when the salmon go upriver to spawn.

Fishing for Salmon

That is when the real Alaska comes out to shine. Many different ways to experience this annual event are available, but the person well-suited to witness this event and enjoy it the most would be the avid fisherman. The fishing is best from late May through June as far as salmon are concerned.

Sockeye Salmon are plentiful as well as King Salmon which is also a hot commodity these months in and around the Kasilof and Kenai rivers. This is also a great time to do some wildlife watching as you may be able to catch some bear activity. They are out looking for food including their favorite-fresh salmon.

Other Fishing Targets

And the presence of the salmon going upstream means that another of their predators-trout will be available for the angler to land as well. Some of these trout reach up to thirty pounds or more thanks to the migrating salmon.

The best way to take these fish will be to visit the Gone Fishin Lodge on the Kenai River and sign up for one of their packages this summer. You can sit by the lodge and fish the river, go out on a boat trip, or even fly out to another area for the fishing vacation of a lifetime.