Kenai Trout Fishing at the Gone Fishin’ Lodge

Fishing enthusiasts from around the state, country and the world convene on the Kenai River to catch some of the finest and most beautiful fish that can be found. Kenai trout fishing is one of the more popular practices because the fruits of the labor involved are some of the most prized!

The Kenai River is home to Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout, which populate the river most between June and September. Sport anglers love to come by and hone in their fishing techniques while basking in the beauty of the vast Alaskan wilderness.

One of the reasons why this area of the world is so popular among sport fishing enthusiasts is because the fish will keep you busy throughout the day, as you take some time off from your busy, everyday schedule to take comfort in the long held tradition of fishing. Friends and family find themselves in a unique and pleasant environment where bonding doesn’t just happen, it solidifies relationships to the core. If you are seeking some alone time, the secluded areas of the river are big and bountiful enough for you to trek out, set up your fly rod or spin cast, and get some quality Kenai trout fishing in.

No matter what your reason is for coming out to the great Alaskan wilderness, there is no better way to compliment your journey than lodging in the Gone Fishin’ Lodge and having our friendly crew take you out on all-inclusive journeys to get in some amazing Kenai trout fishing.