New Perspectives: Salmon Fishing Alaska

I remember what it was like to catch my first salmon. At the time, it seemed so large I wouldn’t be able to fit it on the wall above my headboard. After my dad had a good laugh and let me know it wasn’t more than a foot long, I got a new perspective on fishing altogether.

I could see that it wasn’t more than a foot long with my own two eyes, but something about the rush of feeling the tug of the line, after what took, on that day, hours of preparation and patient waiting, is unlike any other feeling. That tiny fish felt like it was a 1,000 pounds and full of steam, fighting against me to break free and hit the current. When I pulled it out, the small frame didn’t convince me it was any smaller than it felt. It looked big enough to feed my family and me for months.

Not much has changed since. Every time I go out salmon fishing in Alaska, I feel the original surge from my boyhood – that fond and familiar sensation of the delivery of a carefully plotted out plan and the fight that goes along with it until the victory of the catch is on deck.

I believe in the importance of sharing. I believe that it is important I share with you the fantastic salmon fishing Alaska trip I took to Gone Fishin’ Lodge on the Kenai River in Alaska. The all-inclusive amenities allowed me to get into town hassle free, and I was able to get straight away to my 5-day package, where I relived that new perspective every day.

Walter S. – 73