Soldotna Alaska Fishing

What is Soldotna Alaska Fishing all about? Here are a few clues:

  • Multi-Species Fishing: Red Salmon, Silver Salmon, Alaskan Ling Cod, Alaskan Halibut, and more
  • Alaskan Bear Watching
  • Alaskan Sight Seeing
  • The Gone Fishin’ Lodge

You getting warmed up to the idea yet?

We sure hope so, because many people have come through our neck of the wilderness to come savor in the natural beauty of our great state while taking in the nourishing enjoyment of river fishing along the Kenai.

You will find all this and more at the Gone Fishin’ Lodge – where Soldotna, Alaska’s Fishing opportunities are as well-renowned as the quality of friendly service you will receive as you arrive and accommodate yourself for a once in a lifetime fishing experience. You will not only gain access to some of Alaska’s most exclusive fishing spots, but you will also be able to sneak in some valuable rest and relaxation once you’re back at the lodge. A large game room with a fully decked out kitchen facilitates even morebonding time after getting home from long, relaxing days out on the river.

Soldotna, Alaska fishing is very popular, as mentioned earlier, for its multi-species fishing trips. Guests of the Gone Fishin’ Lodge are taken to remote fishing areas along the river that give them access to some of Alaska’s most beautiful, large and tasty fish specimens. Add to that the vast and beautiful wildlife surroundings, and you have yourself the perfect recipe for having a great time and getting some amazing fishing in under your belt. Make Soldotna, Alaska fishing an experience you will never forget and always want to recreate!