Top Reasons Why You Can’t Beat Kenai Trout Fishing & Salmon Fishing

The Kenai River has long been a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts and sport fishing experts.  While salmon is the most popular catch in the river, Kenai trout fishing is also an incredibly popular draw.  With 82 miles of beautiful river water in an unforgettable outdoor setting, fishing for trout on the Kenai is truly an amazing experience.

When large schools of trout and salmon return to the Kenai from the ocean in order to spawn, there are many opportunities for catching record-breaking King salmon and smaller river trout.  During spawning season, the river is home to every type of Pacific salmon, including the sockeye, pink and silver salmon.  The King salmon that are caught in the river, truly lives up to their name, as some fisherman has made catches of salmon that weigh almost 100 pounds!  These feisty, large salmon are a big draw to this area.

The Kenai River also has plenty of Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout during the spawning season in Alaska.  Trout are smaller than salmon, but they put up a fun fight in the water and are easy to cook as well.  Rainbow Trout is the most common variety that people like to eat, while the larger Dolly Varden have a special look that makes them an interesting catch.

Fly-fishing, bait fishing and guided charter trips are the most popular ways of exploring trout and salmon fishing on the Kenai.  The biggest salmon tend to live in the deepest waters while trout and smaller salmon are easily accessible closer to the surface.  To have a great fishing experience on the Kenai, all, you need, is the right bait, some patience, and an adventurous spirit.  Let the natural beauty of the area and the abundance of beautiful salmon and trout provide a fishing experience unlike any other you’ve had before.  Schedule your trip to the Kenai River today!