When Should You Go Salmon Fishing in Alaska?

Alaska processes more seafood than many costal regions in the world, with over 80% of the world’s best types of salmon coming from the cool, icy waters found here.  When salmon fishing in Alaska, you often have your pick from sockeye, king, silver, pink and chum salmon.  The trick is to know when to plan your trip in order to maximize your catch.

The months of May through around October are typically the best times of the year weather-wise in Alaska.  Salmon are in big supply in Alaska on the Kenai River during these months, as the fish return from the ocean to spawn in the warmer, yet still glacial waters.  Most serious fisherman will schedule their fishing trips based on the type of salmon they want to catch.  Late spring is perfect for king salmon, for example, while later summer catches tend to include more pink or red salmon.  The popular Coho variety are available closer to the fall months as the weather starts to cool down.

While anytime from late spring to early fall are ideal for salmon fishing in Alaska, you’ll likely want to come later in the summer if you want to experience ocean fishing and have a chance of scoring a huge halibut or another type of open water fish.  Combining a standard fishing charter with an ocean fishing excursion is the way to experience the best kinds of fishing in Alaska.

No matter what type of salmon you are interested in catching, you’ll have a blast doing it in Alaska.  Just plan your trip accordingly and make sure you are coming during our peak fishing times throughout the year.  You’ll have the most exciting experience possible and the best chance of catching your limit each time you go out on the water.  Sign up for your salmon fishing trip to Alaska today and see for yourself just how much fun it can be to visit this beautiful area.