What To Do in Alaska: Kenai Fishing Lodges

A fishing enthusiast might already know what the Kenai Fishing Lodges are all about, but depending on your fishing experience, this might be the first time you’ve heard of them:

If you are new to fishing, and this is your first trip out here, then you are in for a bigger treat than you might ever expect or imagine.

If you are familiar with fishing and have yet to experience what a trip to a Kenai Fishing Lodge is all about, then you are in for that final push that is needed before your life includes a dedication to becoming a full on fishing enthusiast.

If you are a fishing enthusiast already, then chances are, you have been on a trip out here before, which means you are ready to be just as soulfully satiated as the first time you ever experienced this wonderful destination within the beautiful state of Alaska.

There are no doubts about it: Fishing becomes more than just an experience when you are surrounded by the uncanny landscapes of the great Alaskan wilderness. Kenai fishing lodges are located along the Kenai River, which offers access to thebackcountry, scenic views, fly out trips and multi-species fishing. The sensation of fishing in the flowing river, surrounded by abundant wildlife, regional fauna, and panoramic views in every direction is unlike any other, and we genuinely hope you are making the decision to come and see what we are talking about!

The Gone Fishin’ Lodge on the Kenai River has everything you need to make this Alaska trip worth every relaxing minute.