Where the Fishing isn’t Good, it’s Great: Kenai River Fishing

The Kenai River is one of Alaska’s natural wonders and the source of nourishment for many ecosystems along its 82-mile long, meandering stretch from the Kenai Lake, located in the Kenai Mountains, down to the Cook Inlet, located near Soldotna, Alaska. Kenai River fishing has solidified itself as one of Alaska’s most popular attractions for locals and visitors alike, especially when it comes to fishing for King or Chinook Salmon.

Sport fishing is king in Alaska, and the Kenai River is the castle!

Every year, more and more people come to the Kenai River fishing destination and maintain its statue as the most popular sport fishing spot for enthusiasts, newbies and everyone in between! Surrounded by stunning natural vistas, frequented by a variety of gorgeous wildlife animals, and, of course, abundant in a wide variety of amazing fish species that will keep the lines tugging, the Kenai River should be on every fishing enthusiast’s bucket list.

While there are many rivers around the world that will offer you a humble supply of fish, there is nothing quite like bringing in a fresh 70 lb. king salmon while catching a glimpse of a moose, bear, or one of the multitude of bird species while on the river. There’s nothing quite like heading back to a place like the Gone Fishin’ Lodge after a day-long or days-long adventure on the river to kick back, play some pool, revel over stories of fishing grandeur, and catch some much needed rest from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Come recharge your batteries with some Kenai River fishing!