Fit for a King

The sport of fishing is one of the most relaxing activities, or one of the most exciting you can undertake. That’s why there are so many fishermen out there. You can drop by a local lake or creek and catch the smallest fish around and still have an enjoyable time.

Then you can head out to sea and look for anything from bluefish to sharks to marlin. There’s something for everyone and it’s always an outdoor experience – fresh air, solitude, and no walls around you. But if you want to ramp up the excitement and maybe get out of your comfort zone, then traveling to a great fishing hotspot with a local guide to help you can be the most rewarding time you’ll ever spend fishing.

When it comes to outdoors experience, Alaska is king. So many sights and you can see many of them while you are out there fishing. Catch some salmon and watch the bears on the shore doing the same. Check out a glacier from a boat you are fishing from. Fly fish for any trout species from steelhead to brown and take a peek at the mountains around that river.

King Salmon fishing at its best

Want a real challenge? There is a special Alaska fishing package for you, your friends, and family at Gone Fishin Lodge that includes going for King Salmon. Along with your fishing guide supplied by the lodge, you will travel by boat up the Kenai or Kasilof River and with their expert help catch some really beautiful fish.

The package includes other days reserved for other fish so bring your good luck with you and join in on the fun. You’ll be treated like a king by the best Alaskan Lodge staff and be glad you got out of that comfort zone.