Fishing for the Big One

The ardent angler, no matter what they fish for, want the big one. Party boats give prizes for the first and also the largest. Then there is the need for size, so your fish is a “keeper”.

Well size can matter and the largest flatfish in the world – the Pacific Halibut – has all the size a sport fisherman could ask for. This fish that swims along the bottom is famously known for the same thing other flatties have-two eyes on one side.

Their skin is brownish to black with mottling and spots to help it blend in with the bottom of the ocean. They can grow to at least 8 feet. That large may be rare but that’s plenty of eating no matter how you slice it.

The Habitat of the Pacific Halibut

These flatties stay in a relatively small area of the Pacific Ocean in and around the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. If you want to try and land one of these doormats, a trip to the West Coast will be necessary.

Although there are many places that can give you accommodations, at the Gone Fishin Lodge, we can supply you with the boat and a guide to help you track down these great fish. Our staff can take you out for two Halibut trips along with other days spent trout and salmon fishing.

You can even spend time resting up from that halibut battle fishing off the banks of the Kenai right behind our lodge. We have rooms for two, four, and six people available with Wi-Fi and supply all the bait and tackle and help you with anything you need to make this the fishing trip of a lifetime.