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Your Trout Fishing Excursion In Alaska

Is it time for a trip to Alaska for the best trout fishing? Would you like to create a memorable trout fishing trip, complete with tours of Alaskan glaciers and natural reserves? Then it’s time for you to tote your crew to the Gone Fishin’ Lodge for the best in trout fishing in Alaska! We […]

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Seeking an Affordable Salmon Fishing Trip on an Alaskan River?

If you’re a passionate about salmon fishing, then you owe it to yourself to spend time fishing for great Alaskan Salmon on the Alaska rivers, with the Gone Fishin’ Lodge.  We love to fish and look to host your next salmon fishing excursion!  From sight-seeing tours to hikes upon the Alaskan mountains, the Gone Fishin’ […]

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Sockeye Salmon Are Getting Popular

For a long time, fish has been called “brain food”. And lately, thanks to nutritionists extolling the power of omega-3 fatty acids on brain and heart health, the sockeye salmon has been gaining in popularity. Many stores focus on the wild caught sockeye and for good reason. They are readily available for catching when they […]

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Kenai – the River of Opportunity

The state of Alaska has over 6 million lakes, 3,000 rivers, and almost seven thousand miles of coastline. All that water can mean only one thing – it’s time to go fishing. One of the best and easily accessible places for an Alaskan fishing adventure is the Kenai River. The Kenai is home to about […]

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Fit for a King

The sport of fishing is one of the most relaxing activities, or one of the most exciting you can undertake. That’s why there are so many fishermen out there. You can drop by a local lake or creek and catch the smallest fish around and still have an enjoyable time. Then you can head out […]

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Fishing for the Big One

The ardent angler, no matter what they fish for, want the big one. Party boats give prizes for the first and also the largest. Then there is the need for size, so your fish is a “keeper”. Well size can matter and the largest flatfish in the world – the Pacific Halibut – has all […]

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Big River Lake in the Biggest State

Alaska is a paradise for those interested in wildlife viewing. There are many natural sights to see in this great state as well. Volcanos, glaciers, and hundreds of bird species too numerous to mention are all located here in the 49th state. An adventure in Alaska can be had featuring all these sights and more […]

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Alaska: A Fisherman’s Paradise

Alaska has everything an adventurous vacationer can imagine. There are mountains to climb, lakes to camp out by, and rivers to cross. Black and brown bears along with caribou, moose, and wolves make it a nature lover’s paradise. Many people have seen these sights on television but experiencing these for the first time can truly […]

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