Kenai – the River of Opportunity

The state of Alaska has over 6 million lakes, 3,000 rivers, and almost seven thousand miles of coastline. All that water can mean only one thing – it’s time to go fishing. One of the best and easily accessible places for an Alaskan fishing adventure is the Kenai River.

The Kenai is home to about forty species of fish. There are resident species that stay in the river and others that spend some time in the tidal areas that have both salt and fresh water. There are also salmon that come in from the ocean to get upriver and spawn.

Best Times to Fish the Kenai

You should consult the Southcentral Alaska regulations booklet for limits and tackle restrictions. The best time to fish in the area is the summer with many species of trout including steelheads and rainbows abundant in the lower river.

Other species that can be fished for this time of year are the red, king, sockeye, and coho salmon. In even-numbered years, the pink salmon can also be fished. There are many anglers that can’t think of a better way to spend a week than battling some of the other species available in these waters that include lingcod and halibut.

There are many different ways to enjoy yourself here at the Kenai river basin or upstream but having an experienced guide along can only enhance your enjoyment of this fisherman’s paradise. Contact the Gone Fishin Lodge and review their different packages that include guided trips by boat or even a float plane fly out to where the wilds of Alaska are on full display. A fishing trip that is unlike any you will ever take awaits you and your friends at the Gone Fishin Lodge on the Kenai River.