Sockeye Salmon Are Getting Popular

For a long time, fish has been called “brain food”. And lately, thanks to nutritionists extolling the power of omega-3 fatty acids on brain and heart health, the sockeye salmon has been gaining in popularity. Many stores focus on the wild caught sockeye and for good reason.

They are readily available for catching when they start to move into freshwaters along the Pacific coast to spawn. They also survive in the wild eating krill and plankton which gives the salmon the dark orange flesh that they are known for.

The name is from a poor attempt to pronounce the Salish language word “sukkeigh” which means red fish. Sockeye salmon in the ocean are silver with black speckles and their backs take on a blue color in the ocean. When they return to fresh water to spawn, their backs take on a red color.

Summer is the season when the fish usually appears in stores as “wild caught”. But there are other ways to get this heart-healthy fish every bit as wild caught as that and it’s a lot more than fun than going to a store.

Where Can You Get Wild Caught Sockeyes?

That is where setting your angling sights for the waters of the Kenai River comes in. The Kenai runs into the Pacific at Cook’s Inlet.

The sockeye head upstream from the Inlet for their long journey upriver to spawn. June and July are the hottest months and the folks at Gone Fishin Lodge can supply your tackle, bait, and boats along with a guide to find you this great food fish that you can grill on the Lodge’s back porch. Contact the Lodge today because time is wasting. Get your Wild Caught Salmon and grill it fresh for a taste so good you won’t believe.