Big River Lake in the Biggest State

Alaska is a paradise for those interested in wildlife viewing. There are many natural sights to see in this great state as well. Volcanos, glaciers, and hundreds of bird species too numerous to mention are all located here in the 49th state. An adventure in Alaska can be had featuring all these sights and more along the Big River Lake.

Big River Lake is one of the most popular spots for not only seeing glaciers and wildlife, it is the scene every summer of some of the world’s best fishing. Not far from Anchorage, the major air hub of the state, the Big River Lake and nearby Wolverine Creek are full of salmon going upriver to spawn.

This not only brings out the fishermen, it also brings out their furry compatriot fishermen – brown and black bears. Brown bears, also known as the grizzly bears, can be seen walking the beaches in search of food and it is an impressive sight.

Float Plane Adventure in Alaska

The chance to see these animals in their own habitat can’t be beaten. Especially if you are also there having the fishing experience of a lifetime. Both sockeye and king salmon are known to be in these waters from June through August. And the true Alaskan adventure that you find on Big River Lake starts south of there in the Kenai river basin.

Fly out fishing adventures from the Kenai that will get you up to Big River Lake are offered by Gone Fishin lodge. Many visitors have raved for years about their hospitality and their expertise in getting them where the big fish are.  Take advantage of their expertise and live the dream of a lifetime. Take a float plane trip to Big River and catch those battling salmon. And don’t forget to take your camera!